The Meteor Was A CONSPIRACY?

By: Chris Delamo

February 18, 2013

Well, when I woke up on Friday morning to the news that a meteor had struck down in Russia, my entire worldview changed for a few seconds as I waited for the internet page to load with more details.  The headline “Meteor Slams Down in Russia!”—which was certainly tailored to attract as many viewers as possible to the article—had me coming to one dreadful conclusion:

“The asteroid that was supposed to miss Earth the same day, must have somehow been improperly calculated by the government workers over at NASA, and now Russia will have to deal with the essential nuclear fallout from the giant space rock.”

Big fuckin’ coincidence, huh?  You see, when I heard about the tiny meteor that crash-landed like a UFO in Roswell, my mind had been filled with the headlines from the day before:  “Giant Meteor ‘2012 DA14’ to Miss Earth by 17,000 miles”, or “Armageddon Asteroid narrowly misses Earth.”

That’s right: before the sonic-boom-blasting boulder that shattered countless windows in Russia on the morning of Friday, February 15th, 2013, the world was slightly worried about an even greater threat—a meteor that astronomers so aptly-named “2012 DA14”.  Menacing name, huh?  Well, according to the experts, this behemoth was going to narrowly miss Earth, so don’t worry concerned citizens, everything will be fine.

Oh, well, that’s a relief.  I submitted my worries to the officials at NASA, and put the “Armageddon meteor” out of my consciousness.

But wait a minute!  If the “Armageddon asteroid” was supposed to miss us, what the hell crash-landed in Russia a mere 12 hours before the major meteor was supposed to narrowly whizz past Earth?  I thought we were safe!  I thought we were told the truth!

Oh, what?!  The meteor that blasted into Russia, only half a day before the potential “doomsday” rock, was just a coincidence?  Just a coincidence!  That’s a cosmic coincidence at the least.  There’s something baffling to me about the idea that a meteor strikes down in Russia 12 hours before a supposed doomsday rock narrowly destroys us all, all while the one that actually landed in Russia is written off as a cosmic coincidence that no one spotted beforehand.  Am I the only one baffled by this cosmic coincidence, or I am looking too deeply into this?

Now, I’m not actually claiming this meteor was a conspiracy of any kind.  I don’t know.  Who does?  But I do know this: this space rock that injured over a thousand in Russia was one hell of a cosmic coincidence.  Seriously.  Now, maybe the meteor that struck was a part of a belt of meteor associated with the giant “2012 DA14”.  But if so, why couldn’t NASA detect it and warn about it?  If all their instruments were focused on the “Armageddon” space rock, wouldn’t they have noticed surrounding rocks hurdling towards us?

I don’t know the first thing about NASA and their space operations, but I think some common sense can go a long way here.  The idea that they overlooked the meteor that landed is entirely plausible.  It also seems plausible to me, though, that the meteor that struck Russia was spotted and was known, but kept secret to avoid public panic and hysteria.

Think about it: you’ve got a massive asteroid coming (2012 DA14) that will narrowly miss Earth, yet even with that impending terror, you are going to make a public statement to the world that, only 12 hours before the Big Kahuna whizzes by, a couple of small ones are going to pelt certain areas in Russia.  NO WAY IN HELL!

They’d never do that, because the hysteria would be off the charts.  Of course, since Friday morning, there have been meteor streaks spotted across the sky in other places, including California and Miami.  Clearly, something cosmic is going on, and it’s something that apparently NASA is failing to notice beforehand and notify the public about.

Cosmic Coincidence?  Or Common Conspiracy?  I don’t know, and as long as the general public is not allowed to sift through the realms of power in society, we will remain in the dark.  I’m certain this was nothing more than a cosmic coincidence, but in the name of healthy skepticism, I’ll keep my mind open…


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