Tread Blindly Into the Unknown: Facing Fears, Facing Life (My Trip to Chile)

Tread Blindly Into the Unknown: Facing Fears, Facing Life (My Trip To Chile)

By: Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy


As I write this, I’m cramped into the corner of a room in a dingy apartment.  On the bunk bed above me, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is sleeping.  I can’t blame him: we both spent the previous day enduring a 9-hour flight from Miami to Chile—overnight, over the ocean, and over to a foreign country I’ve never been to.

Hell, there IS no foreign country I’ve ever been to: this was the first time I’ve visited a country other than the one I was born and raised in (U.S.A.).  Without a doubt, this trip to Chile has been, thus far, a process of treading blindly into the unknown.

Tread Blindly Into the Unknown, for It Is the ONLY Thing That Has Ever Moved Man Forward

I tweeted these above-bolded words about a week ago (by the way, you can follow me on Twitter: @RedPillTweets (  I’d thought of it as I pondered my upcoming flight to Chile. I’ve never been on a plane, never been to a foreign country, and certainly never been invited to an anarchist “retreat” in the apparent middle of nowhere to speak and assist with some video editing.  In all: this was going to be, 100%, a process of treading blindly into the unknown.


Now, I’ve already arrived in Chile, and 1 day out of my 20 days here has passed.  Outside the window to my left, as I write this, I can hear the Chilean shores crash against the coastline, and howling wind from across the Pacific whistles through the beachside apartment buildings.  Those howls remind me of the sound of the plane engines on the way here. Continue reading


Meaning of Grand Theft Auto 5: Government False Flags & Inside Jobs (VIDEO)

Legalize All Steroid Use in Sports…NOW!

By: Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy

Steroids should be made legal immediately. They are only illegal because people are scared control freaks afraid of change.

If steroids turn out to be terrible for your health, then let the negative consequences speak for themselves to deter athletes from using them. If a player takes roids and it creates an unfair balance between his skills and his opponents, then don’t worry about it: if steroids really are so bad for health, then that player will retire (or die) within a few years and you won’t have to deal with him (and his death will deter future players from using roids).


Again, this is more nanny-state cowardice. Shielding people from reality does not curb their desire to experience reality, and in fact, the fact that everyone has to be hush-hush about reality means less people are going to know if that experience of reality (using steroids) has negative effects or not (meaning more people will be tempted to use it because of all the mystery and ambiguity surrounding it).  This is exactly what happened in European countries that legalized marijuana or other once illegal drugs, and saw significant reductions in the use of the now-legal drugs. Continue reading