DEBUNKING “The Secret” / Law of Attraction: “Thoughts” Have Little To Do With It…

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy


Cause and effect is a very useful tool for debunking bullshit.

When it comes to the whole “Law of Attraction” / “The Secret” hype, it can be used effectively to show that “thoughts”, at best, are just SYMPTOMS of what brings a person success, and that “thinking” isn’t really what manifests our realities.

EVEN WORSE: I think the creators and perpetuators of these positive-thinking movements are misleading their followers—deliberately or mistakenly.

You see, the premise in “The Secret” is that what you think, you manifest.  Think positive, abundance-based thoughts, and you’ll experience a positive, abundant life.


Makes sense, right?  Be a happy, positive, abundant-minded person, and you’ll attract that.  Well, sure, yeah, generally speaking that is probably true: the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” kind of sums up “the law of attraction” pretty succinctly: like-minded people tend to attract and hang around each other because, well, that’s what humans DO!  We LIKE like-minded people: we get along with them, have things in common, can talk about things, laugh about things, etc.

The problem with “The Secret” is that it pushes viewers to believe that thoughts—those ethereal, airy-fairy tendrils of imagination in our minds—are LITERALLY manifesting reality, to the point where reality is entirely determined by thoughts and how positive you are—that millions of dollars, a brand new car, and every material possession you’ve ever desired can manifest into material reality just by thinking a certain way.

Immediately, most people’s bullshit alarms go off, and rightfully so: the idea that thoughts themselves, without the need for deliberate action in the material world, can somehow manifest reality, is total dog shit, and leads to a society of people who become so narcissistically self-absorbed in their positive thinking that they think the solution to EVERY problem—including the problem of co-existing amongst others—is to just “positive-think” your way out of said problems.

Trust me, I know: I’ve LIVED with these kinds of people.  They can owe you hundreds of dollars, and when you politely ask for your money back, they shrug you off as a “negative vibe” that is ruining their ability to “think positively and attract the money to pay you back”.  I mean, talk about self-absorbed psychopaths, who then try to blame YOU for being rational about getting back the money they owe you…


I have nothing against those who have fallen for the Law of Attraction. In fact, I’m here to liberate you from the bullshit spell so you can find out what TRULY leads to success in life, and thus can STOP HOPING your way through life, and START DECIDING your way through life…

As I said at the start of this, the way you think is, at best, a SYMPTOM of what brings success.  Yes, it’s definitely true that the kinds of thoughts we have reflect certain truths about who we are, what we desire, what we fear, etc. But the idea that the act of thinking alone literally MANIFESTS our realities, to the point where material wealth in the form of a new car or million dollars will just start to appear, is a total misunderstanding of what ACTUALLY CAUSED these things to occur and arise in the first place…

The THINKING didn’t manifest the millions dollars or the new car: it was the CHOICES you made that did.  The THINKING was simply the precursor to the real-world choices you made, but without the real-world choices, no amount of thinking can manifest real-world objects.  The act of thinking is nothing more than the planning stages of creation. Thinking, without deciding and DOING, is futile.

This is of course is true with everyone: we’ve all had thoughts that, THANK GOD, never materialized and manifested into reality. And of course, the law of attraction-based book titled “Ask and It Is Given” will be the first to tell you that not ALL thoughts materialize and manifest into reality: in order for that to happen, you have to contemplate the thought for VERY long periods of time.  This book even gives you the specific amount of time you have to think, down to the number of SECONDS, in order to manifest something you want.

Total, self-absorbed, narcissistic bullshit…

NO: “thinking” is about as relevant to the manifestation of your reality, as an architect’s blueprint is to the building of a house.  The blueprint is only a thought, and a drawing. But the actual BUILDING of the house requires a deliberate EFFORT based on real-world work, actions, connections, resources, talent, man hours, labor, management, etc.


YES: without thought, it seems there can be no action. But to claim that only THOUGHT is needed to manifest real-world circumstances and objects, and that ACTION is NOT needed…well, that’s silly, misleading horseshit.

NOW, HOLD ON: I will say this: to a certain degree, the way you think can create subtle changes in your default behavior that CAN lead to some pretty significant changes in your life.  For example, if you’ve always been a negative, fearful, introverted person, and you CHOOSE to start thinking and feeling more positive, loving, and outgoing, then you will most probably BROADCAST to people around you through subtle sub-communications in your behaviors, that you ARE a more positive, loving, outgoing person and thus, you will “attract” similar opportunities and people.

I put the word “attract” in quotations because I don’t mean you’re going to “attract” positivity in the way the Law of Attraction claims it will happen. The Law of Attraction claims that thoughts themselves literally weave reality for you at some quantum level, and that actions are not necessary to fully actualize your reality.

When I say “attract” here, I simply mean that there will be a real-world, tangible process behind what changes your life circumstances.  When you go from being a negative, fearful, introverted person to a more positive, loving, outgoing person, you are sending out subtle sub-communications in your behavior that can be picked up by other people on a subtle, often subconscious level.

It is not your “positive” thoughts that changed your reality: it was the subtle, physical-world manifestations of your positive thoughts in the form of sub-communications that changed how others perceive you, and thus how they treat you and the potential life opportunities that arise thereafter.

Sub-communications can range from dilations in your pupils, to how high you hold your head up, to certain postures and gestures, even to tonality of your voice, are all subtle yet essential communicators that other people can sense and utilize to determine how they treat you.  So when you finally started thinking more positively, that would naturally affect your sub-communications.

So, that investor who randomly went up to you the other day at Starbucks and now wants to partner up with you to make millions of dollars, it wasn’t your thoughts that CREATED that reality: it was the actions and sub-communications that arose THEREAFTER which were a BYPRODUCT of your thoughts, that created your reality.


The funniest part about those who believe in the Law of Attraction is that they usually ignore or try their best to FORGET about all the times bad things happen to them, or when things never materialize. It reminds of how Christians, or religious people in general, will rejoice every time something good happens as proof of god’s existence, yet ignore all the evil things that happen in the world. It’s selective bias, or confirmation bias: picking and choosing reality in order to fit your bias. In this case, the bias is that the Law of Attraction is real, and thus these individuals will exclude all the data in opposition to that pre-bias.

Again, it is a high form of self-delusion. And worst of all: it’s a form of self-delusion that creates naïve narcissists who think they’re at the center of the world, that all they have to do to fix the world is think positively, and if anyone around them ever tries to sprinkle some reality in their faces, then you are just a “negative vibe” they have to avoid.

Another final point I think I have to make is how OBVIOUS personal choices and actions are in the “manifesting” of these individuals’ “new lives”.  Those who say “the law of attraction” worked for them, fail to even acknowledge the power of their own choices in manifesting their improved lives. Yes, they started having positive, abundant-minded thoughts, but they ALSO began making new choices in life and taking POSITIVE ACTION, and THAT is where the true cultivation of their new reality occurred.

It’s like, HELLO!!! Are you not aware of the months and years of hard work you’ve put in BEHIND your success that is the actual cause of your success?  It’s almost as if they cannot tolerate the possibility that they might NOT be successful, and thus have to place FAITH in The Law of Attraction in order to get by in the meantime as they take the necessary ACTION-based choices that are the true CAUSE of life-changes and improvement.

There is definitive power in positive thinking, no doubt: changing how you think, and how you feel, and how you view the world can work wonders for how you act, feel, believe, interpret, and live your life. But ALL of these positive life changes cannot occur without real-world tangible actions. The idea, put forth by the Law of Attraction, that physical reality will manifest strictly because of THOUGHTS, is absolute bullshit.


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