Why Monogamy Is Fundamentally About Control, Ownership, & Domination

He was angry.

He was insulted.

He was pissed.

Yes, this is how I describe a Red Pill Philosophy viewer who didn’t like my recent interview with Erika Awakening: a blogger her wrote a viral and controversial article about “Five Reasons Why Monogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peace”.

The angry commentor, who didn’t like our criticisms of monogamy, posted this under my video interview with Erika:

“I wish yall could understand how self-centered poligamy is at its core. You are completely overlooking the reality of what your saying, and showing a complete lack of respect for your audience, by staging this interview in the hopes of convincing this woman to have some carnal objective sexy-time with you.!. Oh and Ill bet, that in this fantasy of yours, you will hope for it to be just the two of you. I really hope you can move on from pretending like you get any joy from empty boring sex…You know, sometimes [monogamy / marriage] its not about possession. If possession was the only reason for monogamy, then yes yall would make a lot of sense…”

Those who support monogamy often act like Gollum from “The Lord of The Rings”: they are obsessed to the point of self-destruction with their “precious”

So, aside from the obvious childishness of his comment, I decided I had to take him to task on the realities of monogamy that are disguised behind all the claims of unconditional love, shiny (expensive) diamond rings, and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on exaggerated wedding ceremonies so a bunch of people you don’t know can eat for free while clapping for a marriage they have no part in, or REAL care for (*facepalm*).

Here is my response to him, re-formatted for this article: Continue reading


“There Won’t Be World Peace Until We End Monogamy / Marriage” – Interview w/ Erika Awakening