How Would I Raise My Children Without School?

A Facebook friend asked me today how I would raise my children if I didn’t send them to school, or even homeschool them.

My response:

Simply treat your children as individuals, and let them be who THEY are, instead of what YOU, as a parent, WANT them to be. This might mean watching your children develop into people TOTALLY different from you. So be it: parenting shouldn’t be about raising clone-slaves. It should be about creating free, independent individuals who are totally in alignment with who they truly are, and no sacrificing of that.

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, s

This will give them a sense of confidence and self-certainty that few diplomas or degrees can match, and will likely be the catalyst for their futures as businessmen and businesswomen, instead of wage slaves working jobs they hate for a manager they hate even more, and probably hates them back.  The school system is little more than corporate workforce training: it’s a way to train them for corporate life.

This understanding that they are all going to one day serve a centralized, impersonal corporation machine, DESTROYS children’s sense or desire to connect locally and be active in their communities. Centralized power tends to do this: it destroys our local lives and directs our attention to a handful of central locations elsewhere. Continue reading


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