“Skeptics” Aren’t Really “Skeptics”

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy


You know, I’m a big supporter of science.

Although my criticisms of the shortcomings modern mainstream science (specifically the doctrine of materialism) might lead you to believe otherwise, the fact is that I want science to be as SCIENTIFIC as possible, by removing as much dogma, belief, faith, and hearsay from it as I can.

I recently got into a short Twitter debate with Cara Santa Maria, a dedicated advocate of “science” who’s worked with The Young Turks and came to my attention through her two appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

In her Twitter description, she includes the hashtag “#ScienceFTW!”:


Wonderful: I like science, too.

But I don’t like hearsay, dogma, and faith DISGUISED as science.

I tweeted out to Cara the following: @CaraSantaMaria claims to be an empiricist, yet relies on hearsay from studies she didn’t conduct as foundation of her knowledge.”

The rationale behind the tweet was to show that, although Cara claims to be an advocate of science and empiricism, she is willing to BYPASS scientific empiricism by believing in the results of studies she did not personally conduct, on the basis of faith and hearsay alone.

Now, although this might sound like a harsh criticism, I agree that it is: it’s technically impossible for each person to personally carry out and perform EVERY study every done so they can PERSONALLY experience the evidence firsthand, instead of relying on faith and trust that those who actually DID conduct the experiments, are valid. Continue reading


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Bill Nye vs Ken Ham: Two Religious Nutjobs Arguing

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy


Over half a million viewers tuned in on Tuesday night to the highly-anticipated debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.

On one corner, there was the religious nutjob Ken Ham, who made the argument that evolution is a fraud, and that we can’t make scientific conclusions based on “past” evidence.

On the other corner, was the religious nutjob Bill Nye, who in traditional mainstream scientific fashion, sought to make the argument that reality is a purely material world made of matter, and that such a conclusion is NOT contradictory, paradoxical, or illogical.

Now, if you haven’t already recoiled and spewed whatever you’re drinking across your laptop or smartphone screen, then maybe you already know where I’m coming from.

But if you ARE currently wiping the soda off your monitor, then let me explain.

You see, mainstream science today, is a form of religion.  Now, in true scientific fashion, I would expect you to hear my argument, and examine the evidence I provide, and use that as the foundation for your conclusion, instead of exxing out the screen and close-mindedly never looking back. Continue reading