Can You Answer This Question?


4 thoughts on “Can You Answer This Question?

  1. Post-modernism implies that if a tree falls in the woods with no one to hear it, it doesn’t make a sound. One could go so far as to say (through this argument) that unless depicted through media to be perceived by others it doesn’t exist. In our contemporary culture where our perception of reality is only endorsed through simulacra, and the exposure of something through mass media, it’s no surprise that Facebook has become one’s true identity, while their physical existence becomes a reflection, and not the other way around. This begs the question, has our entire perception become filtered through the lens of a camera, or an HD screen? Possibly.

    Now I’m starting to complicate your question which could branch off to many different arguments and contemporary philosophies which accommodate this argument. You, are however looking for an answer. An answer to a very big question that has been pondered for years which can only be theorized. So, no I can’t answer your question. I can only add to the discourse through the perspective of one engaged in Literary theory and Media Studies. This brings about another contemporary dilemma; where questions never get answered, but complicated by theories endorsed by other school’s of thought that conflict with another. If you look at Western Culture as a whole, we are presented with primarily questions and arguments that are never validated, or answered.

    Perception, original thought, and creativity have taken the static standpoint of asking questions and identifying flaws, rather than solutions or answers. My opinion is that perception equals a bias identified by query rather than statements. Argument vs. discussion. I think you know what that implies.

  2. the being that created this universe did so from its consciousness and created us in its image so that we are direct reflections of the universe. we hold trillions of atoms in side our bodies like the universe holds trillions of objects. we have 13 chakras like the 13 constellations in the zodiac. many of us humans originated from other galaxies to only experience this galaxy from a 3 or 4 density or dimension perspective. no you are not wrong.

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