Do Fast Food Workers Deserve Higher Wages? Uh…Probably Not

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy

I don’t mean to sound like an elitist, but we have to be real about the math here: if a homeless guy quirts water on your already-clean windshield, and scrubs it with a squeegee for 30 seconds, and then he asks you for a few dollars for his work…you should PROBABLY tell him to fuck off.

Look, the fact here is simple: we live in a biological world that is driven by energy outputs, and energy inputs. If you don’t consume enough calories / nutrition, your body will give out before you can accomplish your goals in life.  I don’t care how much your heart bleeds for those who are “underpaid”, or unemployed: the reality is that if you cannot meet the needs of others in the marketplace, then you are more of a burden than you are a benefit to others. Asking to be compensated when you’ve not provided value to others, is VERY selfish of you…tisk tisk.

You are, in essence, a parasite.

Today, more than ever, fast food workers have become infatuated with unionized protests.  They demand higher wages, more job security, better benefits…but do they deserve it?

Well, let’s put this in perspective: since the minimum wage was recently raised through the use of government force, more and more fast food companies are replacing their cashiers with automated robotic machines that allow customers to place orders on convenient little touch-screens.

Well, that’s how valuable some fast food workers are: when they demand higher wages, they get fuckin’ fired and replaced by a robot.

And hey, we all know that the slight decrease in operation costs may very well lead to a likely decrease in the cost of food, which is something the worker may not appreciate, but the customers certainly do.

How selfish of the fast food workers, to demand more pay at the expense of customers.  If these workers actually believed in Burger King’s “Have It Your Way” slogan, then maybe they’d think more about their customers’ wallets, instead of their own…

Again, I TOTALLY understand the hardships of the modern economic system. But, the hardships of the modern economic system are created LARGELY by the same parasitic use of government force that fast food workers want to use to force companies AND customers to pay more money in the drive-thru.  No matter what the government does to increase wages, it can ultimately do nothing more than take money from others, and give to the “poorer” (though, we all know, the government usually does the OPPOSITE: it takes from the poor, and gives to the rich — THINK: “bank bailouts”).

This is the fallacy of minimum wage laws: government cannot actually INCREASE wealth: instead, it just increases the number of green pieces of paper (money) workers receive. But the problem with this model, is that money is not wealth, it is only a REPRESENTATION of wealth.

It’s true: money is not actual value.  Money is only a REPRESENTATION of value, not value in itself.  Money simply REPRESENTS the real-world tangible value like resources, workers, work output, innovation, creativity, talent, commodities, etc.  Now, if you could PRINT out resources, workers, commodities, etc. — THEN you’ve got an idea. But until then: printing money only dilutes its representation of the real-world things that money represents, gives the illusions that we have MORE of the real-world things, and of course creates inflation and sends mixed signals to people in the economy.

So, when the government increases the amount of green pieces of paper (money) that fast food workers receive through minimum wage laws, the government hasn’t actually provided more WEALTH to people.  Instead, it has simply provided an illusory, false, short-term band-aid delusion of assistance (which is usually the BEST that government can do, because fundamentally, true empowerment comes from within individuals, not waiting around for others to save you).

So, we have quite the dilemma here:  fast food workers think they are more valuable, and thus want more green pieces of paper (money) which is a REPRESENTATION of value.  But arbitrarily wanting more money, without first putting in the VALUE that that increase in money would represent, does not actually increase wealth.

Instead, they are like a person taking anti-depressants, inflating their consciousness with the ILLUSION of happiness (chemicals from the medication), just like the workers are inflating their value with the illusion of money (arbitrarily getting more green pieces of paper even though they have not provided more of the VALUE which is what money represents in the first place).

How can a worker provide more value so that they actually manifest the WEALTH that money represents?  A variety of things: they can become more efficient, innovate new ideas that enhance the business, improve customer service, or — LO AND BEHOLD! — they could quit their jobs as fast food workers and start their own business!!!!!!

Oh…but wait a minute: these fast food workers don’t want to do that: remember, they want more money (green pieces of paper) WITHOUT having to put in the additional work / value to manifest the real-world tangible wealth that money represents.

I mean, is this not the essence of selfishness? You want more more more, for less less less.

Is this not the ESSENCE of a PARASITE?

And how the fuck did modern society ever get to a point where we think these workers are deserving of our pity? These people…deserving pity?  They are either absolutely ignorant (forgivable), or absolutely aware and thus scumbags who deserve ZERO sympathy.

But you know, anyone who wants a minimum wage increase is, fundamentally, the kind of person who is okay with letting OTHERS determine his fate. And this level of apathy for your own life will USUALLY end in disaster.

For fast food workers, disaster looks like this:

Instead, what fast food workers need, is what they were NOT taught in school: empowerment.  The solution to being paid too little at a job you hate is not to demand the government to force your company to give you more green pieces of paper.

Instead, the solution is to become more empowered as an individual, so that you have the internal toolbox necessary to provide more VALUE to others.  This could mean either starting your own business, or simply becoming a BETTER worker at your job.

Think of it like this: imagine if your company hires 4 average, slow workers.  But one day, instead of being a slow uninterested worker, you start to work so much faster and efficiently that you become the equivalent of 2 slow workers. Now, the boss sees this, and fires one of the slow workers, since you’ve picked up their slack. Because the boss no longer has to pay $10.00 an hour for that other slow worker, he can afford to pay you $5 more per hour, since hey, after all, you are one of the best workers he’s ever seen.

By providing more value in the form of efficiency, commitment, and customer service, you are now ACTUALLY DESERVING of more green pieces of paper (money).  However, giving someone more money, without them actually having provided the VALUE that money represents, is simply a delusional short-term delusion that ultimately disrupts the economy as a whole.

Do fast food workers deserve higher wages? ONLY if the individuals voluntarily interacting with the workers (customers, managers, etc.) VOLUNTARILY choose to give more money because they believe they are worth it.

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4 thoughts on “Do Fast Food Workers Deserve Higher Wages? Uh…Probably Not

  1. Eh I disagree a bit. People of the “lowest quality” jobs should be paid something they can live off of. I think $15/hr is a bit high depending on where you live. I do agree though that government should not be stepping in and forcing companies to pay more, but i don’t think it should force them to pay less either. Business owners should pay their workers a living wage of their own volition If its their main job.

    • Sure, ideally who wants anyone to not have a good well-paying job, but realistically, look at the industry they’re working in: fast food is KNOWN for being dirt-cheap because it IS: it uses lowest-quality foods, full of fillers, and you can get a whole meal for a few bucks. Cheap food generates cheap profits (specifically, low-cost food generates low-cost margins). If you sell dirt-cheap food for dirt-cheap, there’s only so much money you will make, and thus so much money you can pay yourself.

  2. I’ve manage fast food restaurants, and agree with you almost completely. I believe that the employees who are hard workers and worth the money should be paid about $10 / hour and work 40 hours per week, giving them a bit over $20,000 per year. Now, if this implemented by the government, it needs to be done slowly at the rate of 50 cent or so a year for the next 5 years or so. As for employees being under employed, I would work with anyone who wants to get a second job and provide them with a set schedule, something that is not difficult to do. And as a side note, if any of my employees began to slack off or cost me more money than they made me (by not doing their job, being rude, etc) I fired them immediately. In fact, I fired more people over rudeness than any other reason because it’s not that hard to be polite, and the fact is, being polite is the most important part of any job dealing with the public.

  3. “So, when the government increases the amount of green pieces of paper (money) that fast food workers receive through minimum wage laws…”

    Except for the fact that the increase in minimum wage isn’t going to be paid by the federal government, so there won’t be any extra dollars printed. That’s not how it works. The extra money will be paid by the companies with whom the minimum wage-earners are employed.

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