VIDEO: “Me vs Fast Food Strike – Part 2 – “You Have White Privilege!!!”


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Me vs Fast Food Strike – Part 2 – “You Have White Privilege!!!”

  1. “La comida chatarra”, they are trying to improve it with the salads and fruit, still a long way to go. Yes, a corporation has to look up for their workers encouraging and motivating them to do their best, acknowledging and rewarding their hard work and paying a reasonably salary and stopping the ceos from taking all the profit, not even the shareholders have this benefits.. Lamentably not everybody has the vision, focus, strength, ability of risk taking, seize opportunities ,drive on competition and put everything together as an entrepreneur does. People in general do not have the financial education to put money aside to invest on their own, the need good guidance.To bring the dialog post something in Thanks.

  2. Fast food is actually more expensive than food bought from a grocery store (although I never actually compared the electricity to cook the food at home). I know because I’m on a limited budget, and I specifically avoid fast food because I can never figure out how to buy the equivalent amount of food for what I already buy frozen/refrigerated from the grocery store.

    Actually, even bread and drinks are less expensive, because you buy can them in bulk, and that’s stuff that doesn’t even need to be cooked, so Hell if I’m going to pay some fast food workers for their labor to put some liquid in a cup for what I could easily get in a giant jug at a grocery store.

    In any case, there is a question of where all that fast food money is going. Publish the salaries of the management in charge of the fast food corporations so people can see whether they’re taking their fair share or cheating the people at the bottom. That seems to be the accusation of the people at the bottom, that they’re being cheated in some way. But information would seem to be the solution.

    • Not sure I ever said that fast food is more expensive than grocery store food, if that’s what you’re implying. I think it’s probably about the same price, but only because fast food is of such POOR quality, so nutritionally-deficient. I spoke to a manager at a Wendy’s, he told me that often, some restaurants do not make enough money to net positive at the end of the month, and that other restaurants have to fork over cash to pay the bill for the less profitable ones. The ONLY reason it seems that McDonald’s CEOs make an unjust amount of money is that they have thousands and thousands of restaurants around the world. It is the LACK of critical thinking (coming from these expectedly ignorant / uncritical fast food strikers) that causes these protesters to think the CEOs are getting away with some crime of greed. When you look at the profits of EACH individual McDonald’s — paying for food, electricity, property, maintenance, repairs, shipping, trucker drivers, gasoline, marketing, distribution centers, etc. — then you see that each restaurant is NOT making that much cash.

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