The Original Red Pill: “Escaping From Reality Without Really Trying”

I was recently recommended a book to read and review: “Escaping from Reality Without Really Trying” by Robert Jah-co-Bee, and I think the title encapsulates the state of many men in this post-feminist world.

It seems escapism is the new norm: don’t cultivate a life that reflects your values and joys—instead, work a 9-to-5 job you HATE and rely on that 2 week vacation every year to be your only taste of freedom—and I say “taste” because I don’t care how adventurous and daring you think your trip to Mexico was, at the end of the day, if you had a tour guide holding your hand the whole time…you still didn’t really escape…escape from the prison of your own fears.

And that’s what the main character in “Escaping From Reality Without Really Trying” chooses to avoid doing: living a life of quiet desperation, always wondering: What if? Continue reading