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Market your business and increase consumer awareness/profits by becoming a Sponsor for Red Pill Philosophy.

Through my YouTube Channel, Website, & Social Media pages, my network generates an average of about 450,000 views per month.  That’s approximately 15,000+ views daily — and my network is only continuing to grow at a steady pace.

My primary source of views/visits is my YouTube Channel ( ). It has grown steadily and solidly over the past year, with over 40,000 subscribers right now. That number, of course, only continues to grow.

By placing ads before and/or after my YouTube videos, along with placing them underneath my videos in the “icon-image” and info section, you’ll be getting front-row-seat-exposure to my audience, which again generates about 450,000 views per month consistently.

Here’s one example of my YouTube videos. Inside each video an ad promoting your venture will be shown:

1In addition, there are a variety of ways to showcase your business/organization in the most appealing and exciting manner that ensures maximum audience engagement and exposure, which we can discuss via email (below).

My audience is a combination of free-thinkers, new-agers, and those into alternative health, medicine, science, and overall thought. They are libertarians, anarchists, spiritualists, and much more.  They love anything and everything that encourages them to think outside the box, and general creative work. They are also into self-help / life advice.  Basically: anything and EVERYTHING that is empowering / enlightening / entertaining to the mind AND the body.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Red Pill Philosophy, please email me at:

I’m happy to answer any questions or respond to any concerns.


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