Ronda Rousey and The Feminist Delusion

FINALMasculine women are an interesting phenomenon. Of all the bizarre side-effects of modern feminism, none can be more perplexing than a woman who strives to be like men, yet still won’t hesitate to reap the benefits of being a “traditional” female.

She’s been proclaimed as “the world’s most dominant athlete” by Sports Illustrated. She won the 2015 ESPY Award for “Best Fighter” (over male contenders from MMA and boxing, including Floyd Mayweather). And as of late, UFC champ “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is being praised around the globe as if there’s never been a better competitor than she.

But if there’s one thing feminism is known for, it’s the ridiculously obvious yet overlooked double-standards.

The truth is: how could Ronda be championed as “the world’s most dominant athlete”—or even “Best Fighter of the Year” according to the ESPYs—if she’s never professionally competed against men in the UFC?

She might be the world’s most dominant female athlete, but until she’s entered the Octagon and grappled with the men, it’s simply a lie to say she’s the best in the world. Continue reading


ABC’s “The Quest” is Escapism on Steroids

Don’t get me wrong: I like some escapism.

Whether it’s watching “Game of Thrones”, or mindlessly following the trail of “suggested YouTube videos” for an hour, I am certainly a consumer of escapism.

But my problem with escapism is when it is used as a tool by the elite to stunt the potential of the masses so they become passive, inactive consumers of escapist-products like reality TV shows, celebrity worship, and trips to Disney.

So when I heard about ABC’s new reality TV show “The Quest”, I was admittedly fascinated by the concept, but also curious about its implications.

If you haven’t heard, “The Quest” is a new show that combines a traditional reality TV show, with a fantasy “Lord-of-the-Rings-Type” story line.  Think of it like the reality show “Survivor” meets the fantasy show “Game of Thrones”. That’s LITERALLY what it is.

They took real-world people, who were obsessive fans of fantasy already, and made them contestants on “The Quest”, which is full of castles, dungeons, monsters, and every cliched fantasy stereotype you can think of — oh, except, they added a black guy, lol.

Okay, okay, I know: who cares if he’s black? Oh, I don’t care, but it is funny that, as a contestant in “The Quest”, he’s the first black main character in a fantasy story that I’VE ever seen.


screenshot from “The Quest”

Maybe this just further proves how delusional this form of escapism is: it’s SO fake, it can’t even properly recreate the white-only lead roles that have dominated every fantasy movie since…since FOREVER!

But enough with the black dude: I actually like him the most (yes, I did watch the first episode, half out of curiosity, half for research purposes — I swear).

The first episode begins with background on the contestants.  The deep-toned narrator, speaking with the typical fantasy-narration-voice, sets the premise of the show to visuals of New York City time-lapse footage, saying: Continue reading

Do Fast Food Workers Deserve Higher Wages? Uh…Probably Not

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy

I don’t mean to sound like an elitist, but we have to be real about the math here: if a homeless guy quirts water on your already-clean windshield, and scrubs it with a squeegee for 30 seconds, and then he asks you for a few dollars for his work…you should PROBABLY tell him to fuck off.

Look, the fact here is simple: we live in a biological world that is driven by energy outputs, and energy inputs. If you don’t consume enough calories / nutrition, your body will give out before you can accomplish your goals in life.  I don’t care how much your heart bleeds for those who are “underpaid”, or unemployed: the reality is that if you cannot meet the needs of others in the marketplace, then you are more of a burden than you are a benefit to others. Asking to be compensated when you’ve not provided value to others, is VERY selfish of you…tisk tisk.

You are, in essence, a parasite.

Today, more than ever, fast food workers have become infatuated with unionized protests.  They demand higher wages, more job security, better benefits…but do they deserve it?

Well, let’s put this in perspective: since the minimum wage was recently raised through the use of government force, more and more fast food companies are replacing their cashiers with automated robotic machines that allow customers to place orders on convenient little touch-screens.

Well, that’s how valuable some fast food workers are: when they demand higher wages, they get fuckin’ fired and replaced by a robot.

Continue reading

Elliot Rodger, Ugly Girls, & Sex

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy


Somewhere, right now, there is an angry, sexually frustrated woman.

She’s always liked men, but men…never liked her.

She’s not “ugly”, per se, but she IS about 60 pounds overweight.

Every time she walks into public places—a Starbucks, or at school, or the mall—she darts her eyes to the left, to the right, inconspicuously using her peripheral vision to see if any guys are “checking her out”.

But even when she thinks they’re looking, unsure if her peripheral vision was deceiving her, she would turn to see that the guy she thought was interested in HER, was actually looking just behind her at the slimmer women in tight jeans, strutting confidently forward with long, flowing blonde hair.


Disappointed, she grits her teeth, and continues her day, feeling just a bit more depressed than she had the previous day, or the day before, or the day before that…

It’s not long before this overweight woman starts to RESENT men.

At night, lonely and lying in bed, she thinks to herself, “These superficial men, with their superficial standards, only interested in these slutty women.  Why don’t they like ME?”

She soon falls asleep, and dreams of a world where all the men she’s ever wanted, FINALLY learn to appreciate HER, instead of all those “slutty, stuck-up girls”.

But these dreams, these hopes, these ambitions quickly fester into a nightmare, one where she is trapped in a cycle of self-hatred, which breeds more loneliness, which breeds more self-hatred, and then more loneliness as she becomes a more wretched and unlikeable person over time—not because SHE is fundamentally unlikeable, but because she has chosen NOT to like herself…

But this nightmare is not just in her head: this is the REAL LIFE she lives everyday.

2 Continue reading

Russia Today News Anchor Quits on Air: Is This Manufactured Dissent by Russia?

Liz Wahl, a news anchor for Russia Today–a Russian-funded news organization that now has many outlets within the United States and has become quite popular in recent years–supposedly quit her job on Wednesday because she could no longer be “part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.”

Is this true?

Can this be trusted?

What if this news anchor’s “quitting” was just a ploy to re-instill in the minds of the world that Russia Today, although funded by the same Russian government that this anchor claims would commit such an evil act of invasion, is a legitimate news organization run by people like Liz who oppose Russia’s militaristic spread, and thus is trustworthy?


I’ve always had questions about Russia Today.

I remember the first time I heard of it, I was scratching my head, puzzled: what the hell is a Russian news organization doing operating WITHIN the U.S., and worse: what is it doing CONSTANTLY criticizing the U.S.?

Now, I’m the FIRST person criticizing the U.S., because quite simply, the U.S. is worthy of criticism: unceasing imperialist wars, banker bailouts against the will of the citizens who paid for  it, and never-ending abuses of Americans’ (humans’) civil liberties here within the country.

So when I saw RT, years ago, not only criticizing the U.S. (and even giving a voice to 9/11 conspiracy theories), but also giving a platform for anti-U.S. voices WITHIN the U.S., like American citizens Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski, Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, and basically ANY of the hardcore, libertarian, ANTI-American-Imperialism voices–I couldn’t help but feel like, if ANYTHING, RT was doing some good for the world: they were letting peaceful libertarians trash-talk the U.S. and all of its imperialistic, anti-liberty, anti-peace actions in the past century.

Swell, right?

Certainly, as a libertarian myself, and someone opposed to the unfettered war-mongering of the United States, I enjoyed what RT was reporting on, but I always wondered about ONE, IMPORTANT, QUESTION:

“Do you think Russia Today blasts American imperialism because they’re opposed to imperialism, or because they’re geopolitically opposed to the U.S.?” Continue reading