The TRUE Awakening: Realizing You Are NOT Separate From Everything Else…

By Chris Delamo  (@RedPillTweets)

***NOTE: the following is a response I gave to a Red Pill Philosophy Viewer, who asked me about whether or not I think rape and murdering are “morally evil”.

It’s a tough question, believe it or not.

Personally, I choose to view murder, rape, and other forms of aggression/violence/initiation of force as being “bad”.

When I say “bad”, I don’t mean “immoral”.

“Immoral” is a term we used to OUTSOURCE “good and evil” to an “objective” being we commonly refer to as god (though atheists replace “god” with “the laws of nature/science.”

Instead of saying, “I PERSONALLY believe that is evil”, we instead choose to say, “That is IMMORAL–not according to me–but according to the God I believe in whom I serve.”

The problem with “religious morality”, is that religious morality is nothing more than the self-interest of god.

Something that god claims to be immoral, is not actually “immoral”, it’s just something that god has chosen to deem “evil” by his own standard. If we assume that anything god “says” is evil SIMPLY BECAUSE GOD said so, then that is just submitting and agreeing to someone because they are powerful. God is the most “powerful being in the universe”, and because he is the ultimate, supreme ruler, then we must obey. Of course, that is authoritarianism, that is essentially doing whatever Hitler tells you to do because he was the most powerful being in Germany, and almost the entire planet before he was taken down… Continue reading