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My Bitcoin Address:  1NtSZ7SrVRm9z6KWURNiNPpNbgmoo774sK


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13 thoughts on “Donate

    • I do. I have a Bitcoin address, but honestly I don’t even know the first thing about how the program I downloaded for Bitcoin works. Do I just send you the address, and then you just send the bitcoins? I’ve had a few people suggest investing in my work through bitcoin, but I never receive anything, and honestly the bitcoin program I downloaded seems a bit glitchy.

  1. I have just watched your video debunking the shapeshifting secret service agent. (Thank you, still giggling.) What I really want to see is a photo of this poor unfortunate guy, here is his chance to make some money. Surely the quickest way to prove this is twaddle is to present the real person? Yet I can’t find this anywhere.

  2. Hello brother,
    I’d like to send you my writing if you’d like to consider it? Cheers and ciao regardless my friend. Be very well.

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