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25 thoughts on “Members

    • So glad you enjoy my work. There’s so much more great content I have coming out, be sure to sign up for my free newsletter, on the top right-hand side of any page on this site, and subscribe to my channel over on YouTube. Stay tuned!

  1. I agree with your exposure of big pharma. I started a second career in the medical field. Pet scans show more activity in depressed persons brains due to homeostasis. The body’s automatic reaction to maintain balance or the creation of anti-depressant chemicals. I had a brief time in my life when I had a triple whammi that led to major depression and required assistance of extra meds to get me through but when the 3 conditions went away, I weaned myself off of the extra anti depressants that assisted those that God had given me and am living a happy life now. I fought against the doctors who tried to keep me on these meds and weaned myself off without their knowledge. When it was noted that I hadn’t renewed my 90 day script, I then told them that I took my last pill 5 months previous and was quite content with my life as the conditions that originally caused my depressive episode no longer existed. You are correct in your assesment that one must 1st identify the cause and then fix but if you have a loveone who is slowly dying and a friend who is possibly loosing a home and an income that can only go so far…well you may require greats amounts of faith and patience and a little extra medical assistance to weather the storm as I did. My loved one died. I’ve done all I could for my friend and next month he will find out if the court will allow him to keep his home after I assisted him with getting social security and disability due to a badly damaged back which gives him an OK income. Not nearly what he was making before the back injury but much better than zero income. If he looses the home I’ll know I did all I could do for him but will not find it a reason to be depressed. And m. first and last ex-wives have both said they loved me when we all went out to dinner last week. That makes me very happy and perhaps the most successful wusband in the world.

    • Glad the video made sense to you. We need to find the CAUSES of our depression, instead of ignoring them and using a pill to continue ignoring all our life problems to begin with. If we keep this up, we’ll all be living in a false reality drugged up into a numbed-euphoria. Life can be difficult, but even the most difficult life situations can be remedied by HOW we choose to INTERPRET them. A lost loved one? If it TRULY makes you depressed that they are dead, then it is clear that you attached yourself too much to THEIR existence in order for YOU to feel content. We can rely on each other for happiness and fulfillment, but death is the 1 CERTAINTY in life, and thus it should not be a surprise when those you choose to emotionally depend on, one day die and you find yourself a depressed wreck. Life is a series of attachments and detachments: we attach to things to help us feel content as individuals, and then those things are RIPPED away from us without warning (detachment). People who are depressed from the death of a loved one are often too ATTACHED, and they must learn one of life’s most valuable and important lessons: in this physical world, you are ultimately alone: you can have dozens of people surrounding your deathbed on the last day of your life, but in the end, YOU must face death alone. It does not matter how close your wife of 30 years holds you in her arms: you will ultimately die and face the “bright light” as a solitary individual. This life lesson that you must learn to find joy as an individual BEFORE you can find joy in OTHER individuals, is one of the most important, and can have massive positive ramifications for the mental and spiritual health of people all over the world.

      • I have worked as a hospice nurse, and the families I have met are usually very prepared to deal with death. I have been an EMT and nurse for a while now, so I have seen a bit of death, and I’ve found that the best remedy for grief is honesty. You don’t have to have the answers. Often, an honest “I don’t know” is the right answer.

  2. Don’t get me wrong man, I love the crap out of your videos and you have changed my perspective on life but I’m sincerely running tight on money! How do I unsubscribe from the membership payments? Again I wish I didn’t have to do this, I just don’t have the money for it!

    • Do you judge intelligence by what a person knows, and can rationally defend, or do you judge intelligence strictly by a person’s “schooling”? My schooling, which I won’t disclose at this moment, should be irrelevant presuming a person is knowledgeable, and can rationally defend their views using empiricism.

      • A truly hilarious comment to write on a page soliciting people to contribute little green pieces of REPRESENTATION to your site.

      • Haven’t you seen his videos? He’s a dropout who couldn’t handle school, so he goes on rants like this defending his ignorance. He doesn’t realize that schooling is important because it is his lack thereof that causes him to write like a 14 year-old kid. People like him are really good at side-stepping questions like the one you asked.

      • Michael Faraday dropped out of grade school by about the age of 10, yet later went on to pioneer electromagnetism and is now being studied in school today. By your logic, Michael Faraday must be an ignorant person who couldn’t handle school and is thus intellectually challenged. Such ridiculous claims like the ones you make are more proof that people who defend school are actually some of the dumbest people on earth. In addition, I approved your comments because they provide further essential documentation of how stupid high school and/or college graduates can be.

    • “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
      ― Albert Einstein
      :I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”
      ― Socrates
      Two of the greatest minds to ever walk the earth, say that you and all of the people judging this man based on his level of school is wrong and you should feel ashamed. All I see are religious freaks who are trying to condemn him to hell for not being a part of their church.
      I have an excelled IQ. That does not make me smart It means I can handle problems well. The fact I adapt, learn, and retain information that I have learned is what makes me smart.
      The best thing about freedom of speech is that America has that freedom. The second best thing about it is the right to an opinion. Now I know he’s touched on feminism, and that alone is the reason I decide to watch his videos and learn about him. From that alone I came to like him very much.
      Opinions can change, but not if you aren’t even willing to change. I know my opinions can be changed, but they are my opinions. I won’t change them without good reason, and neither should you. However; saying things about the level of one’s intelligence just means you feel as though you have to compensate.
      Is going to a school really so great for you? Were you even a straight A student in any school? Maybe even a B student? Maybe you didn’t even earn the right to go to college, but instead mommy and daddy paid for it? Maybe? There are a million possibilities, but let us be honest here…
      Anyone who has ever had to EARN the right to go to school, never would down someone without knowing first. What if he has gone to college? What if he graduated with honors and just didn’t care enough to let it phase him? What if he couldn’t afford it? What if he CHOSE not to go? As I grow older, (Yeah, I know I’m still young) the more I see people growing smaller.
      I wonder why they call them the seven deadly sins. I am not one to preach, to be honest I hate the bible from its inconsistencies… But those seven sins are what is ruining humanity. Never once was Adultery a deadly sin. Sloth, Greed, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy.
      Some may argue that Lust is of sexual nature.. No. Lust means to want, to desire. It’s not a bad thing to want something better, but when you crave it far too much, no matter how much you get, it’s basically Gluttony… What I see from these boys pretending to be big, is Pride. All I see is them debunking you for not having a higher education, instead of trying to prove why you are wrong…
      Stupid really.

      • Well said. The sad part is that the mainstream school system creates and perpetuates its own monopoly over what it means to be intelligent, so a lot of the people commenting here have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe intelligence is robotically memorizing and regurgitating what TRUE geniuses hundreds or thousands of years ago came up with. The fact that some of history’s greatest geniuses were autodidacts (self-taught) or simply skipped school altogether/dropped out (Michael Faraday, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, etc.) should be more than enough empirical proof that one does not need formal schooling to be intelligent, but again, we’re dealing with people who have been brainwashed in the mainstream school system how to NOT think, how to just mindlessly memorize factoids for a grade to impress their parents and finally get the love they were told they would only get if they brought home straight-A’s. It’s a sad state of intellectual stifling, but understanding the truth about intelligence is reserved for the truly smart people, like the geniuses throughout history who skipped or dropped out of school only to one day later have their discoveries taught in the schools that deemed them inept.

  3. I watched the McDonalds protest. I think you mentioned more than once what the CEO’s make. Can you explain how someone who makes LESS THAN $15 an hour ($600 per week minus tax, perhaps $530 per week) can pay rent, utilities, transportation, food, clothing, etc. in our economy? I know that you think two people can support a household on
    $2,000 per month (1/2 above mentioned income), but what about children, child care, and the fact that the extra money will be spent in the community, contributing to other businesses, making them more money? Your logic escapes me. I know a woman who has a leer jet and two pilots and grosses over $500,000,000 per year whose biggest account is McDonalds. Give me a break.

      • It’s your lack of education that makes you think everyone who disagrees with you is “delusional.” That’s the most bullshit way to dismiss an argument. Your reply would have been perfectly adequate without the delusional part, but you had to throw it in there and make yourself sound like a tinfoil hat-wearing lunatic. Also, I’m pretty sure since you don’t have an education that most of your income comes from youtube and this site. Why ask us to donate “little green pieces of paper with no value” if it does no good, you hypocrite?

      • Michael Faraday dropped out of grade school by about the age of 10, yet later went on to pioneer electromagnetism and is now being studied in school today. By your logic, Michael Faraday must be an ignorant person who couldn’t handle school and is thus intellectually challenged. Such ridiculous claims like the ones you make are more proof that people who defend school are actually some of the dumbest people on earth. In addition, I approved your comments because they provide further essential documentation of how stupid high school and/or college graduates can be.

    • Actually, working at Mc Donalds can support a family. my sister and I both have worked at said place. My sister single handedly raised her daughter on the salary she makes from there. Her daughter is almost 5, and has all the things she needs to go to school already. As for this guy who keep trying to say people who have not taken higher learning are ‘uneducated’.. I have some tasty thing to say to you as well.

    • And to be frank, I was thinking it over… If one woman can raise one child, and one man can raise one child, that means they could easily raise two to three children. Now, tell me… Why are people having more children than that, when they work a Mc D job? They know they can’t afford it. Why was one not on birth control? Was were they not using condoms or spermicide? If you cannot afford to provide for your family, you should have thought that through before having children or unprotected sex. Two parents, three children, should be more than enough to have a happy family.
      The problem with people is they don’t know what it means.. You wants kids? Make sure you can provide. If you can’t, and you know you might have gotten pregnant, take the morning after pill. You can get them along with most other contraceptives free at any clinic. Pills and shots for contraception usually cost a small amount when gotten from these places. To be honest, all I see is you talking about 2k a month families can’t make it, when many more do that with less than 1k. With one k a month, I can pay my rent with water and heating (sometimes electric) included, and my get my food for the month plus more. You know what families with low income do? They use a LOT less electricity, they shop for quantity not quality, thrift shops sell clothes very cheap, as well as socks shoes and school supplies can be gotten from any dollar store, as well as soap dishes, ect. Any single thing you need you can afford if you know how to shop for it. People who are ‘privileged’ or grew up in a wealthy environment don’t know how to handle it. You take away their money, most won’t last a week without someone guiding them. You take away a poor kids money, they survive. They are used to it.
      Maybe you should ask a poor family how they get by, instead of claiming that a 2k a week family can’t possibly do it. For me, 2k in a two parent household is more than enough. 550 alone can find you a place that pays the rent and electric and water and sewage. All you literally have to worry about then, is food, cleaning products, and the remainder for things you need/want. Like clothes. Some of these people are stupid..

  4. Not to sound cheesy, and I bet you get a lot of these, but you literally gave me the courage boost that I needed to decide that I’m quitting my job at the end of this year to be a Freelance artist 🙂
    I’m scared as absolute hell, but I know it’ll be worth it. My guts have never felt this good!
    Thank you so much for being you.
    The world should know about what you do~

  5. I just wanted to say that the first of your videos that I saw was of the burger king rhinoceros assaulting men in the streets and every word you said was so exciting to me because I didn’t think other people really felt this way I thought I was the only one who truly believed that the white American male was the one type of people who had the least rights if anyone in this country…we are the ones with the vast majority of restrictions on what we can do and say….i think there’s a reason that the vast majority of serial killers are white American males…were the most least sympathized people in the world…no one gives a fuck what the white American male is going through, he’s got it good, he shouldn’t be complaining

    • Awesome bro. I never even thought much about the idea that white males were being politically corrected into silence. The truth is not racist, sexist, or any other bullshit term people use to deflect constructive criticism.

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