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  1. Why is Elliot Rodger video that he did a day before the shooting is based on a video you made two months before in March? He stage his fake murder crime based on your why nice guys cant get girl theory. How strange and suspicious.

    • So, let this be a lesson in paranoia for you: YouTube allows you to change the title of videos AFTER you make them. Two months ago, I made a video about a common sentiment I’ve seen in men, i.e.: “Women Are Bitches and I Hate Them Because They Reject Me”. Before Elliot Rodger, this sentiment existed, okay: it’s been there for a long time, so it’s entirely plausible I would do a video on it. Frustrated nerds have existed for thousands of years, Elliot was not the first one.

      So, upon hearing the news last week about Elliot Rodger, I realized that the old video I did titled “Women Are Bitches and I Hate Them Because They Reject Me”, was basically entirely related to Elliot Rodger and his sentiments against women.

      So, because that old video of mine was DIRECTLY RELATED TO ELLIOT RODGER, I decided to go back and change the title to include the words “Elliot Rodger” at the end of the title.

      However, notice that if you listen to the video, I do not AT ALL mention Elliot Rodger (because I didn’t know who he was yet, two months ago).

      Amazingly, my analysis in that video was spot-on in regards to a lot of men who grow a hatred of women because they reject them. It just so happens that two months later, Elliot Rodger goes on a murderous rampage for that exact same reason.

      Now, coincidence, or conspiracy?

      Obviously, I KNOW my own actions, and I know why I made the video, and I know I’m not part of some conspiracy.

      However, if individuals like yourself have a bias to believe that EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, then clearly my words shouldn’t affect your opinion.

      I need to be honest with people like you: I think you guys have literally lost your minds. I believe a lot of conspiracy theories are valid: 9/11 is very questionable.

      But I think the internet has taken it too far. MOST of the “researchers” who peddle these excessive conspiracies (like the Elliot Rodger “hoax”) are borderline psychotic in their paranoia. So when someone like me makes a video related to Elliot Rodger, you immediately assume I’m apart of some conspiracy, when to the contrary, I just provided you with entirely logical reasons why this is NOT “strange” or “suspicious”.

      I hope this was a lesson in paranoia for you: just because something SEEMS off, doesn’t mean it’s proof of a conspiracy. There can usually be a MILLION explanations for some of these anomalies.

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