DEBUNKING “The Secret” / Law of Attraction: “Thoughts” Have Little To Do With It…

By Chris Delamo of Red Pill Philosophy


Cause and effect is a very useful tool for debunking bullshit.

When it comes to the whole “Law of Attraction” / “The Secret” hype, it can be used effectively to show that “thoughts”, at best, are just SYMPTOMS of what brings a person success, and that “thinking” isn’t really what manifests our realities.

EVEN WORSE: I think the creators and perpetuators of these positive-thinking movements are misleading their followers—deliberately or mistakenly.

You see, the premise in “The Secret” is that what you think, you manifest.  Think positive, abundance-based thoughts, and you’ll experience a positive, abundant life.


Makes sense, right?  Be a happy, positive, abundant-minded person, and you’ll attract that.  Well, sure, yeah, generally speaking that is probably true: the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” kind of sums up “the law of attraction” pretty succinctly: like-minded people tend to attract and hang around each other because, well, that’s what humans DO!  We LIKE like-minded people: we get along with them, have things in common, can talk about things, laugh about things, etc. Continue reading