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New Documentary Claims PROOF of Aliens, Including Autopsy/DNA Testing

By: Chris Delamo  (@ChrisWritingNow)

A new documentary to be released on April 22, 2013 claims to have retrieved the body of a real extraterrestrial, and that an autopsy and DNA testing have proven it to be unlike any human or other living being in existence.  Adding to the credibility of these statements, along with the validity of the documentary itself, is the head of the project and accomplished medical physician, Dr. Steven Greer, and the Award-Winning director of the film, Amardeep Kaleka.  You can watch the theatrical trailer right here:

There certainly was something striking about the image of this “supposed” alien: although it shared some of the similar features of the highly-exaggerated and fictionalized extraterrestrials in movies (like a disproportionately large skull and thin skin with protruding bones), there was something about it, something alluring, something…genuine.

700,000 million views: that is the number of views currently tracking underneath the YouTube video for the official theatrical trailer for the “Sirius” documentary.  Pretty impressive, given the general public’s disinterest, disbelief, and overall just dissing of any and all things UFO’s.   And hey, I can’t blame them: a lot of the UFO movement has become a form of “conspiratainment” and hoaxing, proving that even the most secluded members of society (the basement-dwelling nerds who more often than not tend to represent the pro-UFO community) have their own cravings for drama in life. Continue reading