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50 thoughts on “The Red Pill

  1. Hey dude i was wondering, when it says away from food, how long should you wait? and also should it be before or after a meal to take full effect?

    • Preferably away from food, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. If you DO eat prior to taking The Red Pill, wait about 2-3 hours before taking it. Before or after the meal is not as relevant as HOW LONG AGO it was from your last meal. I prefer taking it on empty stomach, as I’ve experienced the effects to be more potent. So, if you already ate something, ideally wait about 2-3 hours.

  2. i noticed when listing ingredients you did not list a dye i beilive you should fix that because some people might be imune or there might be certain health risks if certain types of dyes where used

  3. HAHAHAHA you are a fucking idiot and loser… I just saw your “rebuttal” to the Hollaback catcalling women video. Who the FUCK do you think you are commenting about this when you are NOT A WOMAN? If you can get this into your thick skull, try to imagine walking down a street and being told, “Hey sexy,” “Hey, how are you doing *lascivious look*,” “Hey, SMILE FOR ME!” by GAY GUYS. That is the only way I can explain it to fucking idiotic straight, entitled men like you. How the fuck would you feel if 10 gay guys said that to you every time you walk three blocks to the subway. You don’t think that is FUCKING SEXUAL HARASSMENT? Just shut the fuck up because you are not qualified to speak on the matter. Saying, “Hi, good morning” IS sexual harassment when it is filled with perverted and lascivious undertones. Stop the fuck trying to sound smart in your videos because you are a fucking wanker and loser. OPEN YOUR MIND.

    • You clearly have issues, maybe you could try dressing less provocative and more professional. Men are FORCED to by society every day.

    • Since I am a woman and based upon your reply, my opinion on that video actually counts. That video was a piece of trash made by self-entitled bitches.

      Most catcalling I receive I take as a compliment. Someone is willing to make an ass out of themselves to try and get MY attention. That makes me feel pretty good. O course that doesn’t mean some men -and women- go to far…

      Don’t get me started on lesbians though. I am sick of hearing “I’ll get you to change sides after just one night” and other things along those lines. The dirtiest, most disgusting and disturbing “flirts” I have received have been from lesbians.

      It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what sexual orientation you relate to, you are going to get hit on.

      What I am trying to explain to you is that, well, you’re a judgmental idiot. But thanks for the laugh.

  4. I know that you are going to be a little bitch and not approve my comment, you self-entitled fuck. I am in awe that you think you have a right to say something is or isn’t sexual harassment. Honestly, are you actually fucking retarded?

    • I approved your comments because I’m right on all my positions, and thus your borderline-insane cyber-bullying does not threaten me. That being said, if you think the privilege of attractive white women to receive endless male attention and support (including financial support) is a form of harassment, then you’re retarded. There are REAL women suffering out in this world, like Malala, and high depression rates among obese women, and yet you’re worried about hot women getting TOO much attention from men? We need to eradicate sexism, not perpetuate it, you should know this. Why do you support women’s oppression?

      • Hahaha “I’m right on all my positions.” Do you HEAR how self-entitled and narcissistic you sound?

        Also, you think “attractive white women” WANT this kind of attention? Seriously, dude, fucking get a sex surgery, deal with it firsthand, and THEN tell me what you think. Also, do not give me that bullshit about problems in other countries. YES, there are problems in all countries, but that does not negate the problems in THIS country. You, with your endorsement of street harassment, are actually perpetuating VIOLENCE against women. Street harassment does NOT end with comments made on the street. It fosters an environment that makes it OKAY to be violent towards women in more extreme forms, like rape. Do you think RAPE IS OKAY? Do you understand that your video is indirectly fostering a culture that makes rape more permissible? Don’t fucking contradict yourself by pretending like you give a shit about other countries when you are making your OWN country worse.

      • Being correct about an intellectual topic is not a matter of entitlement, it’s a matter of empirical truth. If I’m wrong, then I’m sure you have some counter-point to disprove me, unless of course you’re just spewing emotional knee-jerk opinions, which based on your comments thus far, that’s pretty much all you’ve done. Quite simply, you fail to realize that as long as society places the responsibility of approaching the opposite sex on men, men will be the ones doing the approaching. If men weren’t doing 90% of the approaching, then women would have to start doing some approaches, leaving WOMEN vulnerable to being rejected and/or labeled “creepy street harassers.” Women are already benefiting from the fact that they are not expected to risk their reputations by approaching a man and potentially getting rejected / labeled a harasser. Both men AND women enjoy/suffer from pros and cons in the dating game.

        The reason 1 woman gets hit on all day is because men are expected to do the MAJORITY of the approaches, whereas women are NOT expected to approach men. But either way, SOMEONE has to take the initiative to start flirting, and since women seldom do it, and men are called upon to take the first step, then why should people be so offended that men are trying to approach women on the streets? If men didn’t do it on a continual basis, and women didn’t pick up the slack, then NO ONE will be dating / getting laid.

        Pros and Cons of Each Gender in Dating Game:

        + PROS:
        – is not expected to approach men / risk rejection / be labeled a “creeper” or “street harasser”.
        + CONS:
        – cannot directly approach the guy she likes, and in meantime must endure being approached by numerous men she doesn’t like.

        – gets to choose which women he wants to approach (those he finds attractive) and seldom has to reject women himself.
        + CONS:
        – Must bear the risk of being rejected / being labeled a “creeper” / street harasser.

        At the end of the day, if you want dating and sex to continue, SOMEONE IS GOING TO HAVE TO APPROACH SOMEONE, so unless you want women to pick up the slack and start doing some approaches, then the NYC Catcalling video remains a delusional, stupid, irrelevant, non-issue whining of attractive women with nothing else to worry about but being TOO loved and pampered by men.

  5. Oh, by the way, CHRIS DELAMO, I reported you and your website to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) for the promotion of gender violence against women and the endorsement of street harassment. Honestly, why don’t you try to make the world a better place with your feeble attempts at Youtube videos instead of making it the FUCK WORSE.

    • Everything you say is just personal opinion. If you don’t like what he says or the videos he makes, don’t watch ’em. Spouting off like a raving lunatic on a comment thread completely discredits everything you say. You say be open-minded and then proceed to shove your opinion around like it’s absolute truth… Doesn’t seem very open-minded to me. Please take your negativity and ignorance somewhere else.

      • he’s not open-minded. If he was open-minded, he would use rational arguments, not insults, threats, and false claims of reporting me for dubious “internet crimes”. Ironically, I think falsely claiming to report someone IS a crime…

    • I am an attractive woman and I feel flattered when men say hello, how are you on the street and which happens often, I just say hi back or smile, I fell grateful when men open the door for me on the stores. I have never walk ten hours like the girl in the video to film the compliments, the girl on the video was very attractive too and Chris mention in his counter-video that she was wearing tight jeans that accentuated her assets, but a lot of women wear sexy clothes specially if the weather is nice, what do we suppose to do with our beauty?, some girls like compliments and others don’t . I did not hear any bad words or slutty comments in the video which are very uncomfortable if they happened. To call the video sexual harassment is too much, we are not in India yet. To me it is a question of self appreciation, confidence and circumstance. If one feels uncomfortable it is better to remove or avoid the situation, or hire a bodyguard.

      • hey hey hey… hold on a minute.. Indian here. I understand you are trying to be honest, but please put in a bit more effort on your research
        that articles
        I hate it when people bring rape and India up together. US reports 3 times more rapes a year, with a third of India’s population. Mathematically it means – you are 9 times more likely to get raped in USA. (men, boys, women, and girls).

  6. Chris, you make some lucid videos, so kudos. You claim that “you’re always right”, i.e. all your arguments are logically valid, which may be true. However, your premises are unsound. This is what I think Jean (who is probably a she, fyi) is trying to convey to you. Not that I agree with everything she says, but don’t discredit everything she says because it’s not all valid. Basically, the way I see it… SIDENOTE: I’m not a woman but I’m speaking on the topic anyway. That’s the biggest hypocrisy she and other women reveal about this issue. Some women say that we don’t have the right to speak on these issues, and yet they also claim that the entire point of videos like these is to engage men like us. Anyway, the way I see it is that not everything is about sex. True, men are expected to approach women in dating situations, but walking down the street is not a dating situation. Going to get some milk is not going to look for a man. Going to the bar? Yes. Going to the club? Definitely. Going to the gym? Maybe. But just walking down the street? Lay off. Never say never, but at least take it down a couple notches. The public relations strategy is poor because it shows a release of some built up tension that I’m sure many women were feeling, and comes across as unnecessarily aggressive and resentful. But I can certainly understand that it gets really fucking annoying and bothersome. Plus, it’s virtually pointless.

    You know, you also kind of discredit your arguments here in some of your previous videos where you claim that “women are very intuitive creatures.” Taking that for granted, you would think that a woman hearing “Hi beautiful, why don’t you smile for me?” would easily understand that to be less than innocuous. That man might has well be saying “I want to fuck your cunt,” but in a nicer way. To hear that 10 times as you go to get some milk is, honestly, sexual harassment.

    The counterpoint to all this is that it’s not some concerted action by one or some men toward one or some women. That would definitely be sexual harassment. Instead, it’s many independent actions of many people toward many other people, which basically amounts to the definition of culture. And that is the problem here. Women would like to change a culture, which is really hard to do unless you engage the general population with pointed videos like this one. I understand that women who experience this would be annoyed and would want express that feeling. I just think that a less aggressive tone with a focus that addresses everyone but discusses only on the offenders, and NOT ALL MEN, would be hugely beneficial to the cause.

    On the other hand, that’s just the fact of life. Men do want to fuck women, and sometimes it becomes uncontrollable. So long as it’s just words in passing, take it on the chin and with a grain of salt like every other uncomfortable thing that happens when living in New York City.

    Also, your premise about women getting all this ‘support’ is just plain silly. Welcome to the 21st century dude. Not a single young woman I know is with her husband or boyfriend because he ‘supports’ her (no pun intended). That idea is antiquated and chauvinistic and really does put you out of the conversation on issues like these. Most men and women these days don’t think that way, and it has absolutely nothing to do with catcalling. That’s kind of funny, actually. “Hey girl, I want to support you financially!” Like the Ryan Gosling thing? Get it? Oh wait, you actually believe that, don’t you….

    • You say this is the 21st century, as if that’s a point that chivalry is dead, and that men are no longer expected to use their money to attract / appease a woman, and yet you still agree that men are expected to do most of the approaching? That IS chivalry. Past gender roles and perceptions are still VERY MUCH in place, and women STILL milk men for the money — at least, the men gullible to do such a thing.

      Who are YOU to say that walking down a street is not a dating situation? Who made YOU the arbiter of when is and is not okay to flirt with another human being? You’re not the first person to launch this argument at me, and it’s elitist and tyrannical to think you know when EVERYONE think it’s okay to be approached. Bars and clubs don’t have a monopoly on when/where chemistry between 2 people can be sparked, that’s silly.

      Women are very intuitive, and nothing I said contradicts that point. Of course most men who tell a pretty woman — who’s looking for attention by deliberately wearing a clothing style that supposed to attract men (nice hair, make up, tight jeans accentuating a voluptuous ass, breasts poking out with shape, etc.) — “hey a nice day, baby” are trying to get in her pants, but that goes back to the simple fact that men have the ACTIVE dating role, and women have the PASSIVE dating role (for the most part). The active role of men means that they are expected to do the MAJORITY of the approaching. The PASSIVE dating role means that women are expected to the majortiy fo the REJECTING (until they find the guy they like). But BOTH of these positions come with their pros and cons. If we reversed it, and society said that WOMEN should take the active role, and that men just sat back until the right woman came along (PASSIVE role), then WOMEN would become the street harassers, while men would become the vicitms of all that female approaching attention.

      For BOTH genders, there are pros and cons in the dating game. Being cat called by men is one of the CONS of women’s passive role, but they get the PROS of not having to approach / get rejected / be labeled a street harasser. Similarly, men have the PROS of not having to be hit on by women they don’t like / being able to go up to EXACTLY the women they like, while they have the CONS of having to approach / break the ice / get rejected.

      For the woman in that video, or women who support it, to whine about the cons in their passive dating role, is just that: whining. BOTH genders endure pros and cons associated with the dating role they adopt. The only rational and fair way for a woman to minimize being approached would be to adopt the ACTIVE role by approaching ONLY the men SHE likes, instead of taking the PASSIVE role of just making herself look attractive with makeup and clothing in the hopes she’ll attract the right guy (while having to reject every guy she does NOT like in the meantime).

      Here’s a video of a male being “street harassed”:

      Do you give a fuck about this? Or are only women allowed to whine like professional victims? This is NOT harassment: this is the privilege of attractive people. Only an elitist ungrateful piece of shit would turn attention from the opposite sex into something to whine about (this obviously excludes the OBVIOUS instances of harassment like being followed for 5 minutes).

      There is an inherent undercover misogyny implicit in your supposed care for women’s “struggles”. Too often, those who claim to care are actually the true oppressors, with your dictatorial mandate on when and where people are allowed to become attracted and start a relationship.

      “Men do want to fuck women”. Yeah, and newsflash: women want to fuck men, too. They are not inept damsels who need to be treated as such. Women like men, know the men they like, and will often pretty themselves up in order to attract one while they go about their daily lives out in public. The fact that they have the passive dating role of just getting pretty and waiting for the opposite sex to approach is just the choice they make, and to complain about that is like a man complaining that he must initiate the approaches / risk rejection. Both genders, based on the roles and responsibilities they have adopted, come with their pros and cons, but apparently, only women are allowed to complain about this (such undercover misogyny).

  7. Way to revert to ad hominem. Undercover misogyny? LOL. I don’t claim to be an arbiter, certainly not any more than you do, considering how you have a whole blog dedicated to mansplaining. You’re doing some crazy acrobatics with your arguments too, trying to turn around my care into misogyny because you think that no man could possibly empathize, and therefore it must actually be patronizing pity. Well how about this: the fact that you can’t comprehend that a man might relate to a woman in this way makes you the misogynist. Do it again and so will I, so just stop. It’s a terrible argument.

    Women didn’t take the passive dating role by choice (as if it’s completely static – just watch the video you posted). Women simply look for sex less frequently than men do. Would you deny that? Isn’t that what your whole argument is based on – their “passive role”? It’s not out of strategy or laziness. They’re just not interested all the time. If follows that most of the time a man catcalls a girl, he’s just bothering her. Which is the point of the video. Maybe men don’t realize that. I personally think it’s being blown out of proportion, but it’s a perfectly reasonable position to take. I don’t like it when people approach me on the street asking for money or to sign petitions or what-have-you. I therefore understand that women wouldn’t like being approached so often for attention/dating/sex. Indeed, it is what it is, but no reason you can’t complain.

      • This is just me throwing it out there, but isn’t there actually a biological and evolutionary purpose to men being the most active in pursuing women? The human race evolved like any other race, by trying to adapt and then taking the best adaptations and continuing with that. And because males can impregnate many females who can only have one gestation period every 9 (or so) months, would this not have perpetuated through on a society level (like it obviously has by this still being a ‘problem’ if you would call it that)?

        People who use the argument that ‘society is wrong’ or ‘men are over-privileged’ need to realise this is because of evolution. If it wasn’t for males stepping up under the old ‘alpha-male’ system then we would have evolved ENTIRELY different as a species. The only reason the thought of the man being more important than a women needs to be corrected is BECAUSE we are a society, otherwise we would still be people just roaming the land in tribes and not this masterfully scientific, industrial and just plain different people we are today.

        Keep in mind, I’m all for equality and all the troubles as well as the good things that equality brings. I am simply stating a fact that humanity had to start somewhere, and while we don’t like it the way it is now (or at least some of us), we have to realise that thousands and thousands of years of evolution will not change because some girls don’t like being cat-called.

        Also Chris if you could, I’d like to see you make a video on this. I realise it’s not a startling realisation that evolution happened, but it could be educational for people who are ignorant or who can’t find the facts for themselves (like many people obviously have troubles with as evident by all this nonsense).

  8. Hi, Chris!
    I´m currently live in germany and would like to test your product! 🙂
    Can you give me a hint which amount of shipping costs i will have to pay after purchasing?
    Would be awesome if it wouldn´t be so much 😀
    Hope to hear from you!
    All the best,

  9. Hello, I am a high school athlete at the age of 17 and I really respect your strong views and willingness to spread what you believe most people nowadays are too scared to do that. I was wondering if I should purchase the red pill to help me focused on my technical skills for track and field practice please let me know thanks.

    • Hey Tariq, I appreciate your words. As for the l-theanine, I can only recommend selling it to people who are over 18 years of age, so unless you speak with a doctor first who says you can take, then no, I cannot recommend you take if you’re under 18. You could, however, always speak with your parents about it.

  10. Hey Chris,
    The last two years have been dedicated to opening my eyes and tonight I ordered the red pill and your e-book on confidence! I have been highly enlightened by many of your videos this past week and I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart what you are doing is a service to me and I am positive thousands others!

    • Thanks man. I emailed the confidence book and the shipping invoice (for the Red Pill) all to your gmail account (since the yahoo email account was not working). I sent everything to your gmail email. Thanks.

    • It is somewhat comparable in terms of the effects of the supplement, but not in terms of the ingredients. Alpha Brain does not contain L-Theanine. L-Theanine is the single key ingredient in The Red Pill. My supplement is designed to provide a feeling of calmness, groundedness, but also lucid clarity (NO drowsiness). L-Theanine is derived from green tea leaves — the same green tea that monks have relied on for thousands of years to enhance meditation practices. Studies on L-Theanine show that, within about 30 minutes of taking it, the brain begins to produce alpha waves — the same waves associated with deep meditation, and feelings of calmness and clarity. Technically, you can meditate your way to the effects of L-Theanine, and you don’t need the pill. However, some people are big fans of supplements, and for those that are, this is the pill for them.

  11. Hey, i ordered and paid the Red Pills on 02.08.15.
    Wen will i Recieve them?
    I live in Germany.
    Paid the Shipping Costs on 03.08.15 But have no Reply on that.

    Have a good Day 🙂

    • What company produces the l-theanine from your local supplement store? Many companies, including some supposedly untrustworthy ones in China, produce l-theanine that many brands sell. It’s not enough to read the brand name on the front of the bottle, you’d need to determine where the l-theanine is produced.

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