8 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Your most recent youtube video regarding Israel Hernandez’s murder is unavailable. A message pops up that the video was removed by user.

  2. THIS IS THE MOST DISGUSTING WEBSITE I HAVE EVER ENTERED. I watched one video (about men catcalling women in the city NOT being harassment) and I have never felt a stronger urge to just explode. I am a MAN and I am clearly part of the unpopular opinion about women NOT JUST BEING PIECES OF MEAT. If a woman goes out to buy a pair of jeans that make her look and feel sexy, IT IS FOR HER OWN FULFILLMENT; NOT TO ATTRACT ASSHOLES ON THE STREET. This is just immaturity and sexism at it’s finest.

    • lol. Your ignorance on women is disgusting. You should know better, and honestly, in the name of defending women, you should do more research. As a champion of women myself, I believe we have understand women and what they go through. If a woman feels that she has to disguise her face behind makeup in order to feel good, then she is being oppressed. What’s more empowered: a woman who can be her self in public without the need for makeup and be content, or a woman who has to hide her true appearance behind makeup? You should support women and their self-love, instead of encouraging them to hide behind makeup in a society that judges women primarily on their looks. Do you hate women? I hope not. Whether it’s makeup or tight jeans, women should not have to alter themselves to “feel sexy” because they do not feel sexy as they are. I support women’s self-esteem and empowerment, and although I want to get angry at you, I understand that misogyny is deeply-ingrained in many men, so I forgive you, and hope you’ll see the light. #GoWomen #TeamWoman

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