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10 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Your most recent youtube video regarding Israel Hernandez’s murder is unavailable. A message pops up that the video was removed by user.

  2. THIS IS THE MOST DISGUSTING WEBSITE I HAVE EVER ENTERED. I watched one video (about men catcalling women in the city NOT being harassment) and I have never felt a stronger urge to just explode. I am a MAN and I am clearly part of the unpopular opinion about women NOT JUST BEING PIECES OF MEAT. If a woman goes out to buy a pair of jeans that make her look and feel sexy, IT IS FOR HER OWN FULFILLMENT; NOT TO ATTRACT ASSHOLES ON THE STREET. This is just immaturity and sexism at it’s finest.

    • lol. Your ignorance on women is disgusting. You should know better, and honestly, in the name of defending women, you should do more research. As a champion of women myself, I believe we have understand women and what they go through. If a woman feels that she has to disguise her face behind makeup in order to feel good, then she is being oppressed. What’s more empowered: a woman who can be her self in public without the need for makeup and be content, or a woman who has to hide her true appearance behind makeup? You should support women and their self-love, instead of encouraging them to hide behind makeup in a society that judges women primarily on their looks. Do you hate women? I hope not. Whether it’s makeup or tight jeans, women should not have to alter themselves to “feel sexy” because they do not feel sexy as they are. I support women’s self-esteem and empowerment, and although I want to get angry at you, I understand that misogyny is deeply-ingrained in many men, so I forgive you, and hope you’ll see the light. #GoWomen #TeamWoman

    • I completely agree. An uneducated person reaching out to an uneducated audience. I just watched the women hitting men and men hitting back compilation video. In that video men are still the problem and if you want to be stuck in the 1950s then you were born a little late. If men like you could let go of your sexist egos there would be many more women being charged with assault. Instead, men like you advocate retaliation resulting in the men getting in trouble. Women outsmarted all the men in the video since they knew exactly what to do when the men retaliated. So perhaps you could learn a lesson from the feminists and grow a few more connections in your brain before posting the garbage you think is valid to the public. 

      • Actually, you’re the one who wants to live in the 1950’s, back during the old damsel days where women were treated as weaker than men and thus should never be hit. Quite the anti-woman position to hold. Do you hate women?

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